Shopify Login As Customer: Incorrect email or password

Logging in to the customer account in Shopify without the login data saves you the time and resources required for solving customers' requests. You can help customers place orders or timely assist in fixing any issues related to the customer account with the Shopify Login as Customer App

However, sometimes you might face the "Incorrect email or password" issue after being redirected to the login page instead of a customer account. 

Incorrect Email or Password Magento

It happens when you don't use Multipass and customers haven't requested your assistance, but you still try to login as customer. 

What you can do to finally login to customer account in Shopify? 

There are 2 options you have here: 

  1. Ask the customer for assistance
  2. Change customer password and login

Log into customer account shopify

If you ask customers for assistance, they can do it in their accounts.

Require Support Assistance in Shopify

After the account assistance is granted, you can log in to the customer account once again with no issues.

In the second case, you'll change the customer login and password which they will have to restore later via the reset password link.

If you still are not able to log in to customer account after following those steps, make sure the Login as Customer App plan corresponds to your Shopify version and features the Multipass functionality.

When using Multipass, you'll be able to log in to customer account in Shopify seamlessly, in one click.