Magento 2 Extensions

  1. Blog Extension for Magento 2
    Extend your store content and increase traffic with Megafan Blog extension for Magento 2. This extension allows you to create and manage blog at your online store involving best SEO experience. Now you shouldn’t install WordPress additionally in order to have a blog. You also shouldn’t use any plugins for Magento and WordPress integration. All that you need is our super Blog Extension! Posts, categories, tags can be edited directly from Magento Admin Panel, as well as integrated...
  2. Login As Customer for Magento 2
    There are situations, where customers have issues in the "My Account" area or on the checkout pages. In such cases, they need your help. Now merchants have a simple and fast solution to check the problems within a specific customer account. This functionality allows the admin user to log into a customer's account in one click and without using a password or changing authentication data. After entering to customer account, the admin can perform tests and detect any issues within...
  3. Conflict Detector for Magento 2
    Magento 2 Conflict Detector extension allows you to detect class rewrite conflicts easy in Magento 2 Store.