Featured Blog Posts in Magento 2 Blog allow you to drive your customers and blog readers' attention to the most interesting blog posts. It is a great way to make an announcement or to highlight some important posts.

Magento 2 Blog extension allows you to display recent and featured blog posts in the sidebar or any other place on your store you want people to see them.

So, in this article, you will learn how to do this.

1. Go to the Stores  > Configuration  > Magefan Extensions  > Blog > Sidebar and find Featured Posts Widget section.

2. Enable or Disable the widget.

3. Select the Template for the featured posts: System Settings and Modern.

4. Choose whether you want to Display Post Image.

Note: even if you add the featured image to the blog post, it won't be displayed in the sidebar if this option is disanabled.

5. Specify the Post IDs of the posts you want to be included in the Featured Posts.

6. Set the Sort Order to manage the position of the widget on the StorefrontThe higher the number of the position, the lower it will be displayed on the Sidebar.

Once you've finished don't forget to Save Config and flush magento cache.

Blog Featured Post Widget

7. Check the blog Featured Posts on the storefront.

Featured Posts in Blog Sidebar

The sidebar is not the only place Magento 2 blog featured posts could be placed. Magento 2 Blog extension provides Featured Blog Post Widget that, as any widget in Magento 2,  could be added to practically any place in your store. 

Follow these steps to add featured blog posts widget in Magento 2:

1. Navigate to Content > Widgets and press the Add Widget button.

Magento 2 Widgets

2. Choose the Magefan Blog Extension - Featured Blog Posts as the Widget Type.

3. Select the Design Theme and Continue.

Magento 2 Widget Settings

4. Enter the Widget Title and choose Store Views to assign the widget to.

Note: widget Title you set in the Storefront Properties section is internal and is displayed in the list of widgets.

5. Set the Store Order which defines the place of the widget in a list of widgets. The lower the number, the higher you will see the widget placed.

Magento 2 Widget Storefront Properties

6. Configure the widget Layout Updates.

  • Choose the Page you want to display the featured blog posts widget on.
  • Specify the Page Container where you want to place the widget.

Magento 2 Widget Layout Updates

7. Set Widget Options.

  • Set the widget Title that will be displayed on the storefront.
  • Add the Posts IDs (separated by comma) you want to be added to the featured blog post widget. 
  • Choose the Custom Template. If you leave it blank the Magefan default featured posts template will be used.

Magento 2 Featured Posts Widget Options

Once you Save the widget clear Magento cache and go to the storefront to check it out.

Here are a few examples of where you can place the featured blog posts widget, except for the blog sidebar.

  • Storefront 

Magento 2 Blog Featured Posts

  • Category 

Magento 2 Featured Blog Posts

  • Shopping Cart

Magento 2 Featured Posts

Displaying featured blog posts in the sidebar you help your customers navigate through your blog easier and find posts they are interested in faster. Adding featured posts widget to your Magento 2 store pages you promote your blog and encourage people to visit it.

This way you make them stay longer and improve their experience in your store. However, you can also add other widgets to your blog sidebar. 

Check out the blog sidebar configurations to find out more!