Custom Robots Meta Tags for Blog in Magento

Creating an informative blog post, optimized with keywords, is not enough to get it ranked in search results. First, you need to make sure your content could be crawled and indexed by search robots.

In our Blog Extension blog posts and categories have "INDEX, FOLLOW" robots by default. And while you can configure blog meta tags robots for tags, search and author pages, you can't do that for posts and categories.

Index follow blog robots

Nevertheless, there's still a way to set custom robots meta tags for blog posts and categories in our Blog.

To set custom robot meta tags for Magento Blog:

1. Navigate to Content > Blog > Posts and go to a blog post you'd like to set custom robots meta tags for.

2. Scroll down to the Design section and paste the following code in the Layout Update XML section (set any custom robots you like):

<meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW"/>

Blog layout update XML

3. Save a blog post, clean cache and go to the storefront to check if the new robots were applied.

Note: use the Ctrl+U combination or Inspect browser tools.

Noindex nofollow blog robots in Magento

Once you set custom robots meta tags for any blog post or category, web robots will crawl and index it accordingly. 

However, if you also don't want a particular blog post or category to appear blog sitemap, you need to exclude them using Magento XML Sitemap Extension.

For that, you need to jump to the Search Engine Optimization section of the blog post you want to remove from the sitemap and enable the Exclude From XML Sitemap option.

Exlude blog posts from sitemap

If you want to learn how to set custom robots meta tags for other Magento pages, check our guide on NOINDEX NOFOLLOW tags for Magento.