Your website consists of a lot of CMS pages like Privacy Policy, About Us, Refund Policy, etc. If you have multiple store views or websites, you have multiple CMS pages in different languages. 

To let search engines know these CMS pages relate to different languages, you have to add hreflang tags to them.

Usually, you will need to add hreflang tags in Magento 2 header, HTTPS or sitemap, but our Magento 2 Alternate Hreflang Extension makes it much easier.

To add hreflang tags to CMS page in Magento 2:

1. Navigate to Content > Elements > Pages, choose the page you want to add the alternate hreflang tags to and press the Edit button.

CMS pages edit

2. Find the Alternate Store View Localizations section and set the alternative page. Just start entering the page title in an alternative language section and choose the corresponding page from the dropdown. 

Hreflang Tags for Magento Homepage

Note: pay attention to the language of the page you're on. 

e.g. if you are on an English page, enter the alternative Ukrainian page.

Once you save the page, there is no need to go to the alternative page to set hreflang tags there as well. Our Hreflang Tags Extension for Magento 2 does it automatically.

Alternate Hreflang Tags for Magento Homepage

3. Go to the storefront to check the hreflang tags for the CMS page you've just set.

Alternate Hreflang Tags in Magento 2

In case you manage a website in a language that has different variants e.g. US English, GB English, AU English you need to add country code in hreflang tags as well.

Find the corresponding option in the hreflang tags configuration guide.