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Plans and Pricing for Magento 2 WebP Images Extension

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100% open code
Compatible with third-party Magento themes
Installation via Composer
Lazy load compatibility
Automatic WebP conversion
automatic webp conversion magento
Manual WebP conversion
manual webp conversion magento
Cron WebP conversion
convert images to webp in magento via cron
Quality level setting
webp image quality settings magento
WebP image cache cleaning
clean webp cache in magento
Option to skip folders from WebP conversion
skip folders from webp conversion magento
Convert HTML picture tag images
convert html picture tag images in magento
Convert CSS background images
convert css background images to webp in magento
Convert images and sliders inserted via Magento Page Builder
convert images in page builder sliders magento
Convert images in GraphQL requests
convert images in graphql requests in magento
Convert images in REST API requests
convert images in rest api requests magento 2
Convert images from external websites
convert images from external websites in magento
Upload WebP images to Magento backend
upload webp images to magento
Compatibility with Magento Remote Storage