Shop by Brand in Magento with Dynamic Categories

Nowadays, people become so attached to brands, they tend to buy only certain labels. Thus, it makes sense for you to gather the branded products you sell under neatly organized categories. This helps customers navigate through their favorite brands easier and find them faster.

In this article, you'll learn how to shop by brand with Magento 2 Dynamic Categories. We'll create categories based on the brand of different products. 

To create a Brand category in Magento:

1. Navigate to Catalog > Dynamic Category > Rules and press the Add New Rule button.

2. Configure general Rule Information.

  • Enable the Rule and set the Rule Name and Description. These will be used internally. 
  • Set the rule Priority to define how the rule should be processed. The higher the number the later the rule will be processed.
  • Choose Static as the Category Type and set the Categories which you want to assign products to. 

Note: you need to create new category before creating a dynamic category rule, if you don't have it already.

  • Choose what Website to enable the Brand category on. 

Shop by Brand Magento Settings

  • Select the method to Apply the rule:  On Product Save, Cron, Manually, or All Events.
  • Choose whether to Remove Products from Other Categories in case you're reorganizing your catalog and products of a certain brand are distributed within multiple categories. 
  • Choose whether to Remove Other Products from Category. If you've just created an empty category, there is no need to enable this option.

Note: Use Products from Catalog Price Rules option is redundant in this case since it is mainly used for the Sale category.

Dynamic Category Rule Settings

3. Fill out Rule Conditions.

In this section, you have to specify under what conditions to add products to the Brand category. In our case, it's a sample Brand attribute. 

Shop by Brand manufacturer Magento

If you like you can preview products that will be added to your brand category before saving the rule to make sure they fall under the conditions. 

Don't forget to Save the dynamic category rule. Based on the options you've selected in the Apply By field, products will be either added to the category immediately or after a while. 

Note: to see the products added to the category after saving the rule, press the Save and Apply button on the rule page or Apply Rules on the rules grid. 

Brand Category Magento

You can make shopping by brand in Magento easier by grouping branded products into categories. So, once you finish with one brand category, follow the same pattern to create categories for other brands. 

However, creating brand categories is just one of many opportunities you have with dynamic categories. Choose any product attribute and create dynamic category rules based on it to reorganize your catalog completely.