Sometimes we receive questions from our clients about "Why is this extension free?" and every time they make our day. Recently we’ve got that kind of message and decided to write this article.

Hi.....please tell me why this plugin is free?
Why not ask at least $50?
We wanna use this blog, but we must be sure its not crappy coded!
This will be installed by {censored} so if no good code they will see it.

I really wonder why its free, cause i see it has so many options...why free why???

- A customer agreed to share this message without mentioning his name.

There are a few reasons why Magefan Blog extension is free:

  1. At 2015 we started our company up as a nonprofit organization. Firstly, the Magefan Blog Extension was a training project which, afterwards, evolved into one of the exciting extensions for Magento 2 on the market. So, we didn't want to disappoint our customers and ask them to pay.
  2. We like Open Source and want to give to the community something really good.
  3. We use the extension on our own website too, so why not share and extend features together.
  4. Our main field of activity is the maintenance of Magento 1 & Magento 2 shops and providing custom development solutions.


You can always download our Blog Extension for Magento CE free of charge from our website or GitHub.


Sincerely yours,
Magefan team.