Megnor Blog is a distribution of Magefan Blog. If you use Megnor Blog extension you might want to replace it with the latest version of Magefan Magento 2 blog extension to get new features, security improvements, and bug fixes. The changelog can be found on our website.

To replace Megnor_Blog with Magefan_Blog, please follow the steps below:

1. Make a full backup of your Magento 2 files and Data Base.

2. Rename all Data Base tables that start with 'megnor_blog_...' to 'magefan_blog_...'. E.g. rename "megnor_blog_post" table to "megefan_blog_post". You can use PhpMyAdmin for this purpose.

3. Rename the folder




4. Remove the folder


5. Install Magefan Blog Extension.

6. Recreate blog widgets. For homepage widget use custom template "Megefan_Blog::widget/list_home.phtml" in widget settings.


Need help?

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