auto translation

Days, when you had to translate products and categories in Magento one by one manually, are gone. The Magento 2 Translation Extension makes things a lot easier. You can add translations through one simple form or review all of them via the translations grid. 

But there's more. Thanks to the Google Translation API, you can now add translations for products and categories automatically. 

So let's explore all the options you have once you set up Google Translation API for Magento

Translate Attributes

Just navigate to any product or category you want to translate and find attributes that have the "Translate" link under. Click on it to open the standard translation popup. 

The fields you can translate through Google are marked with the Google Translation logo. Just hit the logo or the Auto Translate button at the bottom of the popup to translate an attribute to all languages automatically.

magento product auto translation

Don't forget to Save a product once you review the translations. 

Note: none of the auto translations are approved if you don't make any changes to the translations right in the popup. To approve the translation move to the Auto Translations history

Translate Descriptions

The logic behind auto translations is completely the same for attributes and content sections. Just hit the "Translate" link under content and Auto Translate in the popup. 

translate product description magento

Adjust the translations right in the popup and Save a product. 

Monitor and Approve Auto Translations

If you don't edit the translations immediately after they are generated in the translations popup, they are not applied. They're waiting for your approval in the auto translations history grid.

Go to System > Translations > Auto Translations and find a list of all translations added automatically.

automatic google translation magento

Review and edit them selectively if needed. Then tick all translations you want to apply and choose the Approve translate opinion from Actions dropdown. Only then your auto translations will be applied. 

approve auto translations magento

Translating products and categories in Magento automatically saves you tons of time. All you need is some reviewing and editing. However, the process differs for translating emails and blog posts