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  1. Magefan Login as Customer & Magento 2.4.x

    As you may know Magento 2 Login as Customer extension by Magefan was integrated into the Magento 2.4.0 core, and we transferred the copyright for "Login as Customer" extension to Adobe. More about it you can read here.

    So if you use Magento 2.4.x or greater you have 2 options:

    1. Remove Magefan Login as Customer extension and use core Magento Login As Customer

    2. Disable core Login As Customer and continue using original Magefan Login as Customer.

    To disable

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  2. Porto Theme Homepage: resent blog posts

    To insert Magefan Blog recent blog posts on the Porto Theme, please include this code into your Homepage CMS page

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  3. Magento WebP Image Conversion Takes To Long

    If you use Magento 2 WebP Images Extension and the CLI conversion by the bin/magento magefan:webp:convert command is run very long, the issue may be in cwebp library on your server. WebP extension works in a way to check if the proper software is installed on the server first and then use its own binary files if there is no software installed. So if you already have the cwebp lib on the server, then the extension will use it.

    Cwebp on the server can be outdated, please try to update or reinstall the cwebp.

    If for some reason you are not able to update it, try to modify the following file:





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  4. Amasty Shopby breaks the Magefan Blog Featured Images Uploading

    In case you use one of the Amasty extensions, e.g. Amasty Layered navigation, you may face the issue of the broken blog featured images after the upload.

    We have found the issue in Amasty_Shopby extensions, that breaks some other extensions using image upload functionality, including our Magento 2 Blog Extension.

    Amasty_Shopby in this file:


    adds the plugin to Magento\Catalog\Model\ImageUploader model.

    Judging from the code in the following file:


    it looks like some fix Amasty added for Magento 2.3.4. and the issue lies in the plugin beforeMoveFileFromTmp.

    The original Magento MoveFileFromTmp

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  5. Issue: Redirect to Admin Dashboard after Saving the Blog Post [Fixed]

    If you save a post in Magento 2 Blog, your post is not saved and you are redirected to the Magento dashboard, most likely it happens when the post has a lot of related products or posts. This issue is connected with your server PHP configurations. 

    The max_input_vars PHP setting parameter defines the number of requests (posts) data PHP can receive. When a blog post has many related posts or products a lot of data goes with the request to PHP and it just doesn't receive part of this data.

    In order to fix the issues with post saving:

    1. Change the value of the max_input_vars parameter from 1000 to 5000 in the main php.ini file on your server.

    2. Restart the Apache/Nginx or PHP-FPM if it is used.

    Note: you need to have the superuser server permissions to be able to change this

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  6. Serve Images In Next-Gen Formats on Magento Website

    Page Speed is taken very seriously by a lot of Magento stores since it directly influences your general website performance. That's why everyone constantly tries to improve it and looks for the best ways to do so. 

    In case you're checking your website speed in Google PageSpeed you can face the Serve images in next-gen formats issue. According to it, Google recommends you to save images in JPEG 2000, JREG XR and WEBP formats instead of old PNG and JPG. 

    Serve Images in Next Gen Formats in Magento

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  7. Featured Images Are Not Displayed In Magento 2 Blog

    If you use Magento 2 Blog extension with attached featured images to a blog post but these images are not displayed on the storefront, then most likely the issue is in your theme. A lot of themes provide custom blog layouts and template files that override the original view and can miss some blog functionality like featured images. To check and fix this, please follow steps below:

    1. Open this file if exists (if does not exists skip steps 2-3):


    2. Check if the file has the code like "getFeaturedImage". You can find the original code here

    3. If this code is missing, add it

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  8. Double Canonical Tags in Magento 2 Blog

    In case you use Magento Blog extension and face the issues of double canonical tags on blog pages know that it most commonly happens because you use some third-party SEO extension. And that SEO extension adds the additional canonical URL for your blog pages.

    If the SEO module you use is Mageworx SEO extension you need to go to Stores > Configuration > Mageworx > SEO Base > Canonical URL Settings and set the following items in the Canonical URL won't be added for those pages:


    Magento 2 Double Blog Canonical Issue

    Once you add them, the second canonical URLs

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  9. Using WebP Images in CSS Background

    If you already use WebP images for your HTML <img> tags and want to enable WebP for the CSS background as well, the proper way is to use multiple backgrounds is the CSS styling.

    For example, you have an element with .png CSS background:

    .minicart-wrapper .action.showcart.desktop .fa-shopping-cart:before {
        background: url(../images/icon-cart.png) no-repeat;

    To switch it to the WebP, you need to convert PNG/JPG/GIF image to WebP image manually using one of the free tools on the Internet. Save it in the same folder and use CSS like this:

    body.webp-supported .minicart-wrapper .action.showcart.desktop
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  10. Testing Magento 2 Auto Language Switcher

    If you have installed Magefan Auto Language Switcher Extension for Magento 2 and don't know how to test it properly, please follow these simple steps: 

    1. Enable all Magento 2 caches.

    All live sites use enabled caches, so make sure that you have enabled all one when testing.

    2. Use Developer (Simulate Geolocation).

    There is an option in Magento 2 Auto Language Switcher that allows you to test the extension performance.  

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