Magento 2 Homepage is the face of your store where most of your visitors actually land on. That is why adding as much information about the things you have to offer on your website as possible is one of the great ways to make an impression. 

You can add the recent blog posts, best selling product to your Magento 2 homepage as well as share some seasonal sales and limited offers to drive attention and encourage your Magento 2 website visitors to stay longer.

In order to add recent blog posts to the Magento 2 Homepage follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Content > ElementsWidgets and click the Add Widget button.

Magento 2 Widgets

2. Select Recent Blog Posts in Type field, set the Design Theme and press Continue button.

Magento 2 Recent Blog Posts

3. Fill out the Storefront Properties.

  • Set the Widget Title.
  • Assign it to Store Views you want the Recent Blog Post widget to appear on.
  • Enter the Sort Order to define the position of the widget on the list of Magento 2 widgets.

Magento 2 Widget Storefront Properties

4. Set the Layout Updates choosing the page Recent Blog Posts to Display On and page Container you want the widget to appear.

Magento 2 Layouts Updates

5. Configure Widget Options.

  • Set the Title Recent Blog Posts will be titled with on the storefront.
  • Specify the Number of Posts you want to display in the Recent Blog Posts widget on the homepage.
  • Choose whether to display Recent Blog Posts from a specific Posts Category.
  • Display Recent Blog Posts widget by Post Tags if you want.
  • Choose whether to display Recent Blog Posts of a specific Posts Author.

Magento 2 Widget Options

  • Set the Posts Publish Date From and To to include blog posts published within that date in the Recent Blog Posts widget on Magento 2 Homepage.
  • Add Custom Template if you want.

Magento 2 Recent Blog Posts Date

6. Press the Save button and go to the homepage to check the Magento 2 Recent Blog Posts widget. 

Magento 2 Recent Blog Post Widget On Homepage

Please check out this short video of the above-mentioned instructions to see how the process of adding recent blog posts to the Magento 2 Homepage is done: