If you use Megnor Theme on your Magento 2 shop and Megnor Blog extension is installed too, then you use Piracy Software (Software that violates License Agreement).

Megnor did not create the Blog Extension, they stole Magefan Blog extension v2.2.2, and changed the word "Magefan" to "Megnor" in every single piece of code, including copyrights, e.g.:

Here you can download Magefan Blog v2.2.2 and Megnor Blog v2.2.2 to compare it by yourself.


So what do you need to do?

 - You need to replace Megnor Blog with Magefan Blog Extension.


Why do you need to replace Megnor Blog?

- Megnor Blog is a software that violates a license and law.

- With updating to latest Magefan Blog extension you will receive new features, bug fixes, and security improvements. The changelog can be found at our website.


How to replace Megnor Blog with Magefan Blog?

1. Make a full backup of your Magento 2 files and Data Base.

2. Rename all Data Base tables that start with 'megnor_blog_...' to 'magefan_blog_...'. E.g. rename "megnor_blog_post" table to "megefan_blog_post". You can use PhpMyAdmin for this purpose.

3. Rename the folder




4. Remove the folder


5. Install Magefan Blog Extension.

6. Recreate blog widgets. For homepage widget use custom template "Megefan_Blog::widget/list_home.phtml" in widget settings.


Need help?

Please contact us if you have any questions.