Blog Extension allows restricting administrator permissions using Magento 2 Asses Control List (ACL).

In order to configure the access rights for the blog admin pages please go to Admin Panel > System > User Roles.

Magento 2 Access Control List

Then choose the user role you want to change the access rights to.

Magento 2 Admin Roles

Afterward, in the Role Resources section, you see the resources tree where you need to find the 'Blog' checkboxes.

Magento 2 Blog Access Control List, Role Resources

Magento 2 Blog Access Control List, Role Resources

With the ACL you can restrict the rights for viewing, editing, deleting blog posts and categories as well as for tags and comments. Besides, you can set the additional rights for the ability to import the blog and administrate the main blog configurations.

In case you need to enable someone with the right to publish or edit the published blog items (posts, categories, tags, comments etc.) , for example you have a writer, who creates and saves but can't post as far as there is a proofreader or manager who is responsible for that, Save Published option is available for you in the Blog Plus and Blog Extra editions.

Also, we recommend you to choose the delete option to certain admin roles only.

Once you have finished don't forget to press the Save Role button.