What is the one word that comes to your mind when you hear SEO? I am sure many of you associate SEO with traffic. But is it really all about that?

SEO is a strategy following which will get you the desired outcome and static flow of customers.

You provide excellent services and sell great products but still can’t figure out how to get your website rank higher? Let’s see how you can improve the situation. But before that, you need to know what you are dealing with.

What is SEO about?

Traffic Quality. The number of people visiting your website may be huge. However, if they are not your target audience it can even negatively influence your ranking and increase bounce rates.

e.g. when you’re selling dog’s nutrition products and people who come to your website are looking for brand clothes this is not quality traffic.

Traffic Quantity. This is the number of target people who come to your website through organic search.

So, you see that to be ranked higher in Google you have to increase the quality and the quantity of your website traffic.

Eager to know what to start with? Here are the 5 steps to follow in order to improve your Magento SEO.

5 Simple Steps to Improve Magento SEO

1. Start Blogging

Magento 2 Blog is a place the majority of the store customers come from. Just think about how many products have you bought or at least considered buying reading some “Top 5 Whichever Useful Things to Have at Home” blog post?

Or remember what you do when you want to buy something? We commonly write something like “ how to choose the right lawn-mower” or “where to find the best place to spend winter holidays”.

Can relate? That’s because people love blogs.

Magento 2 blog

So why don’t you start managing a blog together with your store? No matter what niche your store belongs to, there is no such thing as irrelevant content.

Search engines crawl millions of blog posts and still manage to get you the result you are looking for. Find the area of your sphere that has not been covered yet and make the best of it.

If your niche has already been covered from head to toe don’t worry. There obviously are topics that haven’t been appropriately discussed. You can contribute something new to them or propose a new way of thinking. As long as the content you provide is useful and unique Google will rank it higher.

How to make your content stand out?

People like reading interesting articles. But what is the use if they are long and boring one-piece texts right? It may sound stupid, but search engines also are not so found of posts that aren’t structured.

That is why.

People come to your website for some answers. They followed the blog post link Google gave them for their request. They are impressed by the Title and are sure to find the answer in this article. But what happens when they come to your website and see TEXT, TEXT, TEXT, oh here is a picture, TEXT TEXT TEXT?

They will leave without planning to come back, believe me.

That will correspondingly lead to an increase in bounce rates > Google considering the information being irrelevant > your website being displayed rarely in search results. I am sure you get it isn't the best way to improve your Magento SEO.

How to avoid this?

  • Use Headers

Magento 2 blog post

That is a great way to start structuring your post. People usually tend to scan through your blog post looking for something to lay their eye on. Judging from the amount of information available on the web, they are probably looking for some uniqueness. Try to write a catchy heading, so that it makes your readers think “ Hmm. It is interesting what stands by this” and stop to find out.

  • Use Videos

Magento 2 YouTube Widget

This is actually the best one. Once more, remember yourself looking for something in Google and getting the exact answer to your query. One is a blog post and the second is a video. Which one do you choose?

The answer is pretty obvious.

Embed a video into your blog post and see how well it will be appreciated by your readers. Videos serve as a great distraction since they help us visualize the information. They keep readers attention making them stay on your website longer.

  • Use Keywords

Keywords is exactly what web crawlers find the answers for your query by. You should try to create the kind of content that is rich in keywords connected to your niche.

But don’t overdo it, the article on the benefits of homeschooling with the words “home” and “ school” all over the post can play against you. Google algorithm works so that it takes into consideration synonyms and semantically connected words.

Remember: you are writing for people, not robots.

  • Use Image Gallary

Magento 2 blog media gallery

Videos and Images help your readers get a better understanding of what you are talking about and, as it has already been stated, visualize the information. However, your blog posts can’t just consist of them. It is not good for SEO.

Instead, you can make the use of media gallery where you gather all additional pictures that are not included in the article itself. Once your users read the post they can have a look at the Image Gallery getting the full picture.

Wouldn't you agree that such blog post definitely drives attention?

So, you see that simply writing articles is not enough for the blog to get the desired attention of search engines. You have to try applying these things to your blog and see what happens. Maybe one will play better than another.

Are you ready?

That’s still not it. Contribute something new to your blog posts from time to time. Google loves this since when there is a query it sends the web crawlers for the most useful and relevant information. Want to win first Google positions? You’d better keep your content “fresh”.

2. Optimize Meta Data

The next thing to take care of is Metadata. Never heard of it? Metadata is like data about data or generalized information about data.

Already confused?

There are several kinds of metadata. However, the ones we are interested in here are:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description

Meta Title is the information you have to pay the most attention to amongst the other metadata since it is the title of your website page displayed in Google Search Results. From personal experience, we can tell you that this point is actually important.

Have you heard everyone saying that there is already no use of the page if it is on the 5 position on Google? We were on the 2nd.

Pretty good isn’t it? Not as is sound actually.

We were getting fewer clicks than the website on the 3rd position not until we changed the Meta Title.

It is not only something that tells Google about the kind of information on the page but the first thing people see before they decide to click on it.

If you really want to get clicks make your meta title strike.

Magento 2 Search Engine Optimization


Meta Description. Second and not less important information you give Google is Meta Description. Here you speak more about the content, what to expect and find on this or that particular page.

People don’t usually pay attention to meta descriptions. Title is what mainly drives them. However, it is important for SEO. Meta description is quite the field to paint the picture on. You can include some keywords here which obviously will be analyzed and taken into consideration by search crawlers.

Magento 2 Google search result

3. Improve Page Speed

So you may have already guessed that to improve your website SEO you have to improve user engagement and reduce bounce rates.

In order to get a better understanding of what principles search engines operate on let's take our own experience.

How long do you wait for website page to load? 3-4 seconds? There shouldn’t be such thing as low website speed if you really want to be ranked higher.

There are plenty of related websites or blog articles out there. Do you think someone’s going to wait an extra second? Even if you have the exact answer to their query, they won't be able to get it, because they will go find some not so relevant, but fastly uploaded pages.

Here is the solution.

  • Optimize your website pictures

One of the reasons your website is not working as it should be is a ton of pictures. First thing you should do is optimize them before uploading. There are some awesome picture optimizers, but we recommend Optimizilla.

  • Use Image lazy Loading


In order to improve your website page load speed enable Image Lazy Loading. According to it, pictures start loading just when the user scrolls down. It also works for videos. Videos are not played until the user presses the Play button.

So, it significantly improves page speed and reduces page size which makes it load faster.

Exceptionally crucial lazy load is for mobile users with a slow internet connection. Better think about it if you don’t want to lose them.

  • Enable Javascript

Magento 2 page speed

The other important factor influencing the page speed is javascript. You need to enable its deferred loading so that all JS is automatically moved to the bottom of the page.

4. Support Mobile Optimization

It is really hard to find a person that doesn’t have a mobile phone to reach out to friends, surf through social media and just make calls. Did you know that people aged 12 to 24 spend 3 hours a day on the internet? Correspondingly most of the information is gotten from there.

Are you following me?

If you your website is not oriented on the mobile audience it is the true way down to the bottom. It significantly affects your Magento SEO. I suppose you get why.

Your aim is to attract more customers, so why don’t let them find your website from wherever they are and whatever device they have around them.

5. Run Social Media Promotions

People spend so much time on the web it is no wonder social media have become such a strong influencing tool.

Why do people dedicate their time to social media?

Facebook Instagram, Twitter are not just places to post a photo, upload a video and find friends on. It is a community. People come there to find the information, discuss it, speak their minds and be heard. Social media has unlimited power. It is a great way for you to make your business thrive.

So, why don’t take advantage of it? There are several ways you can promote your business on social media.

  • Enable social sharing buttons

Do you remember? Blog is a user to customer converter. Enabling social sharing buttons on your blog is the best way to get passive traffic. People like sharing awesome stuff. Give them that opportunity.

Magento 2 social sharing buttons

The scheme is very simple: one person shares your blog posts on social media letting hundreds of friends see it, like it and follow the link to your website. And what if that person shares some other blog post? You can create a circle of loyal users that not only visit your website once but come back.

The more users the more relevant your website appears to Google, the more often it displayed your website higher in search results.

  • Publish on Facebook

Facebook appearing the most powerful social media network with millions of users worldwide is a great way to promote. Except for allowing sharing from your blog you can also publish some posts yourself.

Magento 2 auto publication on Facebook

Taking into consideration the fact the regular posting is essential it might appear hard to post the same post twice. What if there are a couple of them? There are some tools that allow you to automatically publish your blog post on your Facebook page. It will significantly save your time and attract more target audience.

  • Use Forums

It is true that social media take a huge part of our time. But let’s not forget that there are plenty of other places on the internet people like to spend their time on. Such places are forums where people can get the exact answers to their questions from other people interested in the corresponding area. The 2 major and the most popular forum platforms are Reddit and Quora.

How can you use it?

You want to drive more quality traffic to your website. There is no better way than answering people’s queries directing them to your website and making them strive for more.

The other benefit of using those platforms is you build a system of backlinks directing to your website. That serves as evidence of your website's authority to search crawlers.

So the main benefits you get from using those forums can be formed in a chain:

Magento seo

But be careful and don’t overdo it. The same as with the keywords, that can play against you.

SEO is a science and as the majority of all sciences, it constantly develops. As you may understand, it is also a strategy. You overstep it slightly and all your efforts will go down the drain. Google really appreciates genuinely useful content. So while following these steps remember who you are writing for.