Before installation

Download extension and move folders from archive to your Magento 2 root directory.

1. Login to your Magento 2 Admin Panel.

2. Open Component Manager

Navigate to System -> Web Setup Wizard -> Component Manager
Magento 2 Setup Wizard MenuMagento 2 Setup Wizard

3. Enable extension you want

In the list of components find extension you want to enable. Then press "Select" in "Actions" column and choose "Enable".
Magento 2 Component Manager

4. Start Readiness Check

Magento 2 Readiness Check

4.1. Readiness Check Error

If you see error like that, try to setup magento 2 cron job and resolve other issues.
Magento 2 Readiness Check Error

4.2. Readiness Check OK

If you haven't errors press next.
Magento 2 Readiness Check Success

5. Create Backup (it may take some time)

Magento 2 Readiness Check Success

6. After backup process is completed press button "Next"

7. Now you are ready to final enable extension.

It takes some time. Please do not refresh page!!!Magento 2 Readiness Check Success