Why would you want to start a multilanguage website if you are making a decent profit with a single language store already? That is a great question to ask. Managing a multi-language Magento website has a lot of benefits that will contribute to your already successful online business immensely.  Multi-language website is an incredible opportunity to create a stunning customer experience and broaden the circle of customers. Moving the store to the global level is one thing online store owners should be keen on doing. It is quite obvious that managing a single language website is easier than multi-language, but just think for a while how many opportunities you will open. In this cycle of articles, we will prove to you that managing a multi-language website isn't as hard as you think it is.

1. New Store View Creation

In this article, you will learn what the store view is, what do you need to create it for, how to create it.

2. Installation and Enabling Magento 2 Language Packs

After reading this article you will know how to find and set up language packs in order to enable base localization on a multi-language Magento. 

3. CMS Page Translation and CMS Block Translation

Learn how and where to translate the CMS page and if there is the necessity to change the identifier while translation the CMS content in this article.

4. Product and Category Translation

Do you want to know if there is created a new page while product and category translation or learn about the translation of the attribute values? Find all the information here. 

5. Email Translation

Once you've read this article you will be able to translate the Magento 2 Email Templates and learn where and when to configure them.

6. Must-have Magento 2 Extension for Multi-language Website

In case you are looking for the best Magento 2 extensions for your multilanguage store you can find some of them in this article.

7. Product Attributes and Attribute Options Translation

Do you want to know how to translate product attributes and values and how it is displayed on the storefront? The answers to these questions are all here in this article.