Hello. My name is Ihor Vansach, I'm founder and CEO at Magefan. I was born and live in Ukraine. From time to time, we get questions and remarks from other Magento 2 developers, like:

- Why you use the "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" in the copyright?
- Do you mind if I remove the glory to Ukraine comments though?
- Friendly remark: Political messages in Copyright are unnecessary, excuse me for my honesty.
- Not that I don't agree but I think political statements won't be appreciated.
- ...

First of all, I need to say, that this is not a political message, but Ukrainian national motto and greeting.

Second, it has a strong reason to be there. And here's why.

You can see this message in the copyright of our free extensions like "Blog Extension" or "Login As Customer", what I have started to create in 2014-2015. The motto is since there. Maybe you don't know, but these were very and very difficult years for all Ukrainians. I don't want to attach terrible photos from those times to this post, but you may always find them in Google (2014, 2015).

10000 Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers were wounded, more than 4000 died protecting my country from Russian invasion. The heroes gave the most valuable things they had (their health and Life) to protect my family, my friends, my colleagues and me. Put the text "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" was probably the least I could do to honor them.


I hope for your understanding and thank you all, who use Magefan solutions.


Sincerely yours,