Blog AMP helps you to make your blog super fast on mobile, so your customers can enjoy it on any device.

Our Magento 2 Blog extension is compatible with Magento AMP by Plumrocket. So, to make AMP work for our blog, you just have to install the free Magento 2 AMP Integration Extension and enable AMP for blog in the Plumrocket extension configurations.

However, starting from Plumrocket AMP v3.0.0 you need Magento 2 AMP Blog Extension.

In this case, all you need is to go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > AMP Blog and Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages on different blog pages.

Magento 2 Blog AMP Configuration

Don't forget to Save Config and check the extension on the storefront.

Your mobile users should be satisfied with the fast blog pages loading on mobile devices. This contributes to their experience and allows you to appeal to more customers.

Once you finish setting up AMP for Blog in Magento 2, configure blog pages to make them more attractive and engaging.