Downloadable products have recently become a very popular kind of products in Magento 2 stores since they don't require any additional processes like manufacturing, publishing or shipping. There are a lot of eBooks, music, videos, Magento 2 extensions, updates or instruction manuals being sold.

Magento 2 except for other kinds of products allows you to create downloadable ones with the free samples. Creating downloadable products is not very different from a simple product except for the downloadable product having no weight and no configurable options.

However, before creating a downloadable product you have to define the default product values and the delivery options in the Downloadable Product Options section.

Following steps to create a downloadable product in Magento 2:

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products and choose Downloadable Product from the Add Product dropdown.

Magento 2 Products

2. Enable a downloadable product.

3. Choose the Downloadable Attribute Set that will be assigned to this product. You can also choose the default attribute set provided by Magento. However, it is aimed at the physical kind of products, not the non-tangible ones.

Magento 2 New Products

4. Set the Product Name and SKU.

5. Enter the product Price.

Magento 2 Product Name

You can set an Advanced Pricing for the Magento 2 downloadable products in cases like sales, promotions or any other kind of offers.

  • Price customers will see during sales or under other conditions is called Special Price.
  • Set the From and To Date during which Special Price will be valid.
  • Set the Cost, the price you have bought this product for, so that you know what special price to set.
  • Define the quantity and price of the product certain group of customers on a certain website will see in the Customer Group Price section.
  • Set the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.
  • Choose where and when to Display Actual Price: On Gesture, In Cart or Before Order Confirmation.

Magento 2 Advanced Pricing

6. Set the Tax Class.

7. State Quantity and Stock Status.

8. Downloadable products have no Weight since they are non-tangible. So, this option is unavailable to set when you choose to create the Downloadable Product.

9. Set downloadable product Visibility in your store. Choose Catalog and Search so that the product is listed in the catalog and possible to search for.

10. Assign product to the Category or create a new category.

11. Set Product as New From To Date during which customers will be able to see this product marked "New" or displayed in the New category if you have one on your store.

Magento 2 Virtual Product

If you're looking for some new ways to assign products to categories automatically there is a great solution for you. Magento 2 Dynamic Categories extension allows you to create a dynamic category products will be automatically added to based on certain conditions.

Cron job applies the dynamic category rules regularly and there is no need for you to update them every time new products are added.

Magento 2 Dynamic Category Conditions

13. Write a Short and Long Description of the downloadable product in the Content section to give customers more information about your product.

Note: creating the downloadable product you cannot set any Configurations since they are particular only for the configurable products.

Magento 2 Virtual Product Configurations

14. Add Images and Videos.

Magento 2 Virtual Product Image

15. Set the downloadable product URL-key and Meta Information.

magento product seo

If you want to preview how your product page will look like in search results, and make sure metadata is optimized for SEO, use Magento 2 SEO Extension.

Magento 2 Simple Product Search Engine Optimization

16. In the Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells section you set the upgraded alternatives of the product or products that match the one customer already has in his shopping cart.

e.g. selling the e-Book you can offer customers to buy the second edition of the e-Book or encourage them to buy a pick-pocket eBook device to carry on reading wherever they go.

Magento 2 Simple Prodcuts Cross-Sells

17. Set the Customizable Options so that the customer can choose the product variation he wants.

Magento 2 simple Product Customizable Options

18. Set the Website downloadable product will be displayed on. Managing a multi-language store you can translate a product and assign it to different store views.

Magento 2 Simple Product Websites

19. Configure the Design and Design Update of a downloadable product.

Magento 2 Simple Product Design

20. Allow/do not allow Gift Messages or choose to Use Config Settings.

Magento 2 Simple Procuct Gift Options

21. Set up the Downloadable Information.

1) Provide Links customers can download your product on.

  • Give it a Title.
  • Upload the File and a Sample if you want customers to be able to view the examples of the products.
  • Set Sharable to No so that customers can not share this product.
  • Set the Max. Downloads to define how many times customers will be able to download the product after the first purchase.

2) Upload the Samples of the downloadable product to give your customers the opportunity to try your product.

Magento 2 Virtual Product Downloadable Information

Once you have filled in all the necessary information, do not forget to Save the product and go to the storefront to check it out.

Magento 2 Virtual Product Storefront

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