Magento 2 Product Alerts is a system of notifications customers subscribe to on the product page in order to receive email notifications about any change of the product price or product stock status. Correspondingly, there are 2 types of product alerts in Magento 2:  Product Price Alert and Product In-Stock Alert.

Customers can get the product they are interested in for a more suitable price when they want to, as well as get the product they have the intention of buying right after it is back in stock.

Usually, when a customer decides to subscribe to the product alert, he is directed to his account to finish the subscription and be able to receive the product alert notifications.

So, the Magento 2 product alerts can really improve your customer engagement and loyalty.

In this article, you're going to learn how to configure product alerts in Magento 2 and manage product alerts run settings. 

Note: usually, out-of-stock products in Magento 2 are not displayed. So, to display the Product Alert messages you need to make sure the product is visible on the storefront.

For that go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory and enable Display Out of Stock Products option.

However, you can also display the out-of-stock message if there is a certain number of products left in stock.

Learn more about this in the Magento product stock configuration guide.

Display Out-of-Stock products in Magento 2

Once this option is enabled, you can start product alerts configuration. Go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog and find the Product Alerts and Product Alerts Run Settings sections.

Configure Product Alerts in Magento 2

Follow these steps to configure Product Alerts in Magento 2:

  1. Enable the 
  2. Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock and set the Stock 
  3. Set the Alert Email Sender who is a store representative, that will appear as a sender of the Magento 2 product alert notification.

Magento 2 Product Alerts

Once you set the configuration, the customer will be able to see product alerts on the Magento 2 product details page.

Learn about Magento 2 products in this Ultimate Guide to Magento 2 Product Types.

Note: Price and Stock alerts don't usually appear at once. Price Alert is always displayed if enabled, while Stock Alert appears just when the product becomes out of stock. 

Magento 2 Product Alert

Though you enable the Magento 2 product alerts and set the email notification templates, the emails aren't sent to the product alert subscribers unless you configure the Product Alerts Run Settings

Configure Product Alerts Run Settings in Magento 2

Follow these steps to manage the product alerts run settings in Magento 2:

1. Set the Frequency you want the Magento 2 product alerts to be sent with.

2. Choose the Start Time for the product alerts sending process.

Note: the product alerts sending should start after all product prices and inventory updates. Otherwise, there might appear some issues.

3. Set the Error Email Recipient to mark the person to be notified if any problem appears during the product alerts sending process.

4. Set the Error Email Sender and the Error Email Template to be used for the product alert error notifications.

Magento 2 Product Alert Run Settings

As it has already been mentioned, Magento 2 Product Alerts option is one of many ways to improve your customer engagement and improve their loyalty. Moreover, it is a native Magento feature, so you can also start improving your customer experience with this great out-of-the-box feature.

However, there is one more option for you.

You can configure the low stock email notifications and know when it's time to restock. This way your customers will always have plenty of products to choose from and won't have to wait for them to be back in stock.

Learn more about Magento 2 Admin Email Notifications and how you can use it to monitor changes on your website without even being logged in to the admin panel.