Related products in Magento are one of the best ways to boost sales and improve the customer shopping experience, especially if you configure the auto related products. It is also a great way to drive their attention to other items in your catalog to increase the number of items per order.

Unlike cross-sells and up-sells, related products don't have to be pricier or unrelated to the page customers initially landed on. These products are usually based on similar product relations, like the same category or the products often viewed or purchased together.

To enable better product relations in your store you have to add related products. 

To add related products in Magento 2:

1. Go to Catalog > Products and select the products you'd like to add product recommendations to.

Magento Products

2. Scroll down to the Related Products, Up-sells, and Cross-sells section and press the Add Related Products button.

Related Products Up-sells Cross-sells Magento

3. Select the products you'll like to add as related to the current one and press the Add Selected Products.

Add Related Products in Magento 2

4. Sort out the related products you've added. You can remove or change their order by grad and dropping.

Related Products in Magento

Don't forget to Save the product and check the result on a storefront. The products will be in the same order you've arranged them in.

Product Recommendations Magento

To add related products in Magento you need just a few clicks which seems easy. However, if you have to set it up for tens or hundreds of products, the task becomes tedious. 

Going from one product page to another is time-consuming. So you should consider incorporating a more effective way of managing product relations — auto-related products rules.