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  1. Magefan News and Updates - August 2021

    Hello there, Magento fans!

    Are you ready for the final summer updates from Magefan about the new module release, dozens of new features and improvements?

    Then let’s go!

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  2. Create Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules

    Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules is one of the greatest built-in marketing tools this platform provides you with. They allow you to implement discounts and run sale campaigns easier without any third-party implementations, same as Magento cart price rules.

    So, in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about catalog price rules, how to configure them for your products and what differs them from the cart price rules.

    Without any further ado, let's dive in and define what stands by catalog rules.

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  3. Solved: Package exists in composer repo 1 and composer repo 2 which has a higher repository priority

    When you install some new extension package in Magento 2 via the composer you can get an error:

    Package vendor/module-name exists in composer repo ( and composer repo ( which has a higher repository priority. The packages with higher priority do not match your constraint and are therefore not installable. See for details and assistance.

    This error message is self-explaining and contains a link to the composer documentation.

    The problem is that a module you try to install has an old version in the Magento composer repository and a new version in the free public repository. However, the Magento repository has a higher priority and that is why composer cannot install the latest version and throws this error.

    What you need to do to solve the issue is to:

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  4. How to Add Facebook Pixel in Magento 2?

    Getting your Facebook Ads to work is not a piece of the pie. Without accurate insights into customers' behavior, setting up effective Facebook campaigns is going to be challenging.

    That is why you need Facebook Pixel - a small piece of code that can make a huge difference. You add Facebook pixel in Magento 2, allow it to track information about different events customers perform on your website and send it to Facebook Ads Manager.

    The data this small piece of code tracks allows you to set up Facebook Ads that convert. 

    So how to install Facebook Pixel on the Magento 2 site?

    This is exactly what you're going to learn about in this article. However, first, you need to install the FREE Magento 2 Facebook Pixel Extension which allows you to do this much easier.

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  5. How to Integrate Magento 2 Facebook Shop?

    Social media play a huge role in our lives nowadays since they no longer serve their primary function. They are used not only for communication but for entertainment, education and commerce. 

    In this article, we're going to tell more about one of the biggest social media platforms - Facebook and how you can integrate your Magento 2 store with it. To be more exact, you will learn how to integrate  Magento 2 Facebook Shop store.

    Multiple businesses use Facebook for selling their products and creating ads. However, one of their biggest struggles is adding products which takes a lot of time, no matter the number of products they have. 

    That is why they need to use Magento 2 Facebook Pixel Extension to do this in a few clicks.

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  6. Uninstalling Magento 2 Facebook Pixel Extension

    If you decided to remove Magento 2 Facebook Pixel by Magefan, please follow the steps below, also you can contact our team for a free consultation in case you have any issues with Magefan's extension.

    Remove Extension Files

    Removing files instruction depends on the way the Facebook Pixel extension has been installed.

    1. If you can find the extension files in the folder


    then remove this folder.

    2. If the extension was installed via the composer and its files located in the folder


    then run composer CLI command to remove it

    composer remove magefan/module-facebook-pixel

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  7. Updating Magento 2 Facebook Pixel Extension

    If you need to update Magento 2 Facebook Pixel by Magefan, please follow the steps below. Note that the update instructions depend on the method the Facebook Pixel extension was installed with.

    Update using composer (Method 1)

    If the Facebook Pixel module was installed via the composer (check if vendor/magefan/module-facebook-pixel folder exists), then you need to run these simple CLI commands in Magento 2 directory:

    composer remove magefan/module-facebook-pixel
    composer require magefan/module-facebook-pixel ^x.x.x
    # replace x.x.x with the version you want to use
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    php bin/magento setup:di:compile
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

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  8. Magento 2 Facebook Pixel Installation

    Do you want us to install the Facebook Pixel extension for you?

    Let our technical engineers do it – check out our Installation Service.

    To install Magento 2 Facebook Pixel by Magefan, please use one of these installation methods.

    Installation Method 1 - Installing via Composer (recommended)

    1. Open command line
    2. Using command "cd" navigate to your Magento 2 root directory
    3. Run CLI commands:
    composer require magefan/module-facebook-pixel
    # Authentication required (
    # Get your Magento Marketplace authentication keys or use these:
    # Username: 7c018006799466c681ad507e27904677
    # Password: 289077c86e811661a8f7751828485d3a
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    php bin/magento setup:di:compile
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    Note: if you don't want your website to be down during deployment, try these zero downtime deployment commands for Magento 2.

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