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  1. Fix "There has been an error processing your request" issue in Magento 2

    "There has been an error processing your request" is the message you can receive when working with Magento 2.  Here is the example of this message:

    There has been an error processing your request

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  2. How to Move Only Some JS to the Page Bottom in Magento 2?

    Magento 2 Rocket JavaScript extension allows you to enable deferred JavaScript loading and Move JS code to the bottom of the page automatically. That way you increase the website loading speed and eliminate render-blocking.

    However, sometimes you don't need to move all JavaScripts to the bottom since there are some that aren't recommended to be moved there.

    So, in case you use the deferred JavaScripts on your Magento 2 store page and don't want to move some JavaScript to the bottom you just need to add the attribute data-rocketjavascript="false" to the <script> tag:

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  3. How to Win the 1st Place on Google SERP Without Effort?

    The 1st place in Google SERP is a dream place every website is working hard on getting to. As plenty of studies show you'd probably click on the first 3 results Google gives for your query with little or no regard to the rest. Being at the top 3 is great, but still, the 1st place gives you far more authority and credibility. You have to be really good so that Google has the reason to put you there, right?

    Your website or webpage success on Google is based on SEO, so everyone desperately wants to learn how to improve it. Consequently, those who've ever learned about SEO know how many things it is influencing and how many things you have to take care of in order to improve it on your website.

    So, in order to outrun the competitors to improve your website SEO you have to:

    1. Work hard on creating unique and useful products.
    2. Do your research to target top-ranking and long-tail keywords.
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  4. Most Useful Linux Commands

    Basic Linux Commands

    pwd - displays information about the current location in the file system (the path of the directory (folder) you are in);

    dir, ls - shows a list of files and folders in the current directory;

    cd - (change the current directory) allows you to move to another folder;


    cd ../ - will move to a folder on a higher level;
    cd foo - will go to the child folder "foo";
    cd /var - will go to the "var" folder located in the root of the file system;

    touch fine_name - create a new file named "fine_name";

    mkdir dir_name - create a new folder "dir_name" in the current directory;

    rm file_name - delete the file "file_name";

    rm -r dir_name - delete the folder "dir_name";

    cp origin_name new_name - copy files and folders;

    mv old_name new_name - move files and folders;

    ln -s origin_name link_name - create a symbolic link;

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  5. Using WebP Images in CSS Background

    If you already use WebP images for your HTML <img> tags and want to enable WebP for the CSS background as well, the proper way is to use multiple backgrounds in the CSS styling.

    For example, you have an element with .png CSS background:

    .minicart-wrapper .action.showcart.desktop .fa-shopping-cart:before {
        background: url(../images/icon-cart.png) no-repeat;

    To switch it to the WebP, you need to convert PNG/JPG/GIF image to WebP image manually using one of the free tools on the Internet. Save it in the same folder and use CSS like this:

    body.webp-supported .minicart-wrapper
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