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  1. Adding HTML Block to Magento 2 Page Top

    There are situations when you want to add a promo block to the top of the page, for example, free shipping offer, discount for Black Friday or other holidays, and you need to display it on the page quickly. 

    This is easy to do with Magento 2 admin panel. First of all, we'd like to mention that adding and configuring HTML Block doesn't require any programming skills. Check out this short video in order to see how it actually works or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

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  2. How to Change Order Customer in Magento 2?

    In order to change order customer, you need to have Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer Module installed on your store. If you already have it, please do next:

    1. Navigate to Sales > Orders and choose the order you want to be assigned to another customer.

    Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer  Configuration

    2. Then you have to simply press the Change Customer button in the Account Information section.

    Magento 2 Change Order Customer

    3. Then there will appear a grid with all customers. All you have to do is choose the customer you want to assign to the order to and press the Assign to Order link.

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  3. Configure Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer Extension

    In order to configure Magento 2 Guest to Customer Extension please navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Convert Guest to Customer.

    Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer Configuration

    Magento 2 convert guest to customer

    In this section you can:

    1. Enable or disable the extension.
    2. Enter the Product Key which is found in your Magefan Account > My Downloads.
    3. Enable the Automatic Conversion of Guest orders to Customers in case there a
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