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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Uninstalling Magento 2 Mautic Integration Extension

    If you decided to remove Magento 2 Mautic Integration Extension by Magefan, please follow the steps below, also you can contact our team for a free consultation in case you have any issues with Magefan's extension.

    Remove Extension Files

    1. If you can find the extension files in the folder


    then remove this folder.

    2. If the extension was installed via the composer and its files located in the folder


    then run composer CLI command to remove it

    composer remove magefan/module-mautic-integration

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  2. Updating Magento 2 Mautic Integration Extension

    If you need to update  Magento 2 Mautic Integration Extension by Magefan, please follow the steps below. Note that the update instructions depend on the method Mautic integration extension was installed with.

    Update using composer

    If the Mautic integration module was installed via the composer (check if vendor/magefan/module-mautic-integration folder exists), then you need to run these simple CLI commands in Magento 2 directory:

    composer remove magefan/module-mautic-integration
    composer require magefan/module-mautic-integration ^x.x.x
    # replace x.x.x with the version you want to use
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    php bin/magento setup:di:compile
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy 
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  3. Magento 2 Mautic Extension Installation

    To install Magento 2 Mautic Integration Extension by Magefan, please use one of these installation methods.

    Installation Method 1 - Installing via Composer (recommended)

    Please navigate to your Magefan Account > My Downloads > Install via Composer to get the composer installation instructions.

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  4. Magento 2 Zero Downtime Deployment

    Let's start with the little mind-reading magic trick.

    1. Do you use Magento 2?

     - Yes, you definitely do.

    2. Do you hate to see when your store is broken or is in maintenance mode while running Magento 2 deployment commands?

     - Yes, you do.

    Was it a guess?

    Yes? That's great. In the next 5 minutes, we'll help you with this pain. At Magefan we've created Linux bash script that allows you to run bin/magento setup commands without braking store, long downtime and losing sales.

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  5. How to Uninstall and Remove Magento 2 Extension?

    There are situations when you don't want to longer use Magento 2 module due to its issues, lack of functionality or any other reason and want to remove it. In this case, you can easily uninstall Magento 2 extension (remove Magento 2 extension) using the following steps:

    1. Define where extension files are located.

    There are 2 places where you can find extension files:

    a) app/code/VendorName/ModuleName
    b) vendor/vendor-name/module-name
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  6. The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id

    When you test your page using Facebook Sharing Debugger and get the warning "The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id",

    Magento 2 Required Properties Facebook

    you need to add fb:app_id meta tag to the <head> tag of your page:

    <meta property="fb:app_id" content="ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ" />

    Replace ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ with your Facebook App ID.


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  7. Magento 2 Advanced Customer Group Price Rules (Tier Price Rules)

    One of the Magento 2 features is Customer Group Price (Tired Price). It allows you to set different prices of products in accordance with their quantity as well depending on customer group. E.g. define lower prices for wholesale customers who purchase 10 and more quantities of the same product.

    Magento 2 Customer Group Price

    In order to set Customer Group Price, you have to configure them on every product separately. To do this you need to:

    1. Login into Magento 2 admin panel

    2. Navigate to Catalog > Products

    3. Select a product you want to define prices for

    4. Under the "price" input click on Advanced Pricing link

    5. Manually specify a price for each group and qty

    It is not very convenient, especially in case you need to change prices on a huge amount of products.

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