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  1. Meet Magefan Team at Meet Magento NL 2019

    If you are going to participate in the Meet Magento NL conference what will take place in Louwman Museum, The Hague (Netherlands) on April 18, 2019, it's a great chance to stay connected. MAGEFAN team member, CEO Ihor Vansach will be at the conference. You will be able to get live communication, put questions about Magefan Extensions and Services for Magento 2, to talk about partnership and cooperation.

    Meet Magento 2019 NL

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  2. Resize Blog Post Images Programmatically

    To get a resized post image in Magento 2 Blog you can use this code in your template files:

       $width = 100;
       $height = 150;
       $imageHelper = $this->helper(\Magefan\Blog\Helper\Image::class);
       src="<?php echo $imageHelper->init($_post->getFeaturedImg())->resize($width, $height); ?>"
       alt="<?php echo $block->escapeHtml($_post->getTitle()) ?>" />

    If you don't want to use the height parameter then you can execute the resize function only with the first parameter, e.g.

    <?php echo $imageHelper->init($_post->getFeaturedImg())->resize($width); ?>

    Or if you use Magefan Blog version greater equal than v2.9.8, you can use this line (it will allow you to save the image width x height file proportion and not create a square image with white borders):

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  3. What should you know about Mageplaza Blog reviews at

    Mageplaza is a real competitor of Magefan, especially when talking about the blog extension for Magento 2. We are always jealous of how they can have so many reviews on their Blog extension. As you know if a customer isn't  happy he/she doesn't want to write a review. Every day Magefan team fights to get a new awesome review from our customers: we provide a free extension, free support, free guides, "sing and dance", do all we can to make our customers happy. 

    And today (April 3, 2019) we found something really interesting on Mageplaza website. No charges, judge for yourself.

    Please open Mageplaza Blog Extension and Magefan Blog Extension. And compare reviews and their dates. In case they will be removed from here are the screenshots.

    Example #1

    review from (Verified Buyer?):

    Fake Mageplaza Blog Review

    original review from

    Original Magefan Blog Review

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