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  1. Resent Blog Posts On Magento 2 Homepage

    Magento 2 Homepage is the face of your store where most of your visitors actually land on. That is why adding as much information about the things you have to offer on your website as possible is one of the great ways to make an impression. 

    You can add the recent blog posts, best selling product to your Magento 2 homepage as well as share some seasonal sales and limited offers to drive attention and encourage your Magento 2 website visitors to stay longer.

    In order to add recent blog posts to the Magento 2 Homepage follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to Content > ElementsWidgets and click the Add Widget button.

    Magento 2 Widgets

    2. Select Recent Blog Posts in Type field, set

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  2. Resent Blog Posts On Magento 2 Homepage Sidebar

    1. Please navigate to M2 Admin Panel > Content > Pages, then start edit Home Page.
    2. Change the field Layout Update XML in Design section by adding the next code:

    <referenceContainer name="sidebar.additional">
        <block class="Magefan\Blog\Block\Sidebar\Recent" name="blog.sidebar.recent" template="sidebar/recent.phtml" after="wishlist_sidebar">
              <action method="setCacheLifetime">
                  <argument name="time" xsi:type="string">86400</argument>
    3. Save the page.
    4. Flush magento cache.

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