How to Set Default Shipping Method in Magento 2?

Although it often gets overlooked, payment options and the design of the checkout page are not the only things that influence your customers purchasing decisions. The variety of shipping methods you offer in your Magento 2 store matters too, especially if you ship to a number of countries. 

In case you already benefit from the variety of shipping methods Magento allows you to configure, you might be wondering how to optimize your checkout even more. 

In this guide, you'll learn how to add a default shipping method in Magento with the Better Checkout so your customers won't have to select it manually. 

To set the default shipping method for Magento checkout: 

1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Better Checkout and check the General Configuration section.

2. Set the Default Shipping Method

Set default shipping method in Magento 2

You can even set different default shipping methods for each country if you sell globally.

Default shipping method in Magento 2

3. Save Config and go to checkout to test the default shipping method. It will be already selected once you land on the first page of the checkout. 

Shipping methods on Magento Checkout

This improves customers' experience and reduces the number of options they have to fill out when placing an order. At the same time, customers can change the shipping method if they like. 

Additionally, you can configure default payment method for your checkout to improve the process even more.