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Affiliate Program Overview

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Are you passionate about Magento and helping your clients to make their Magento 2 stores better? Our Affiliate Program is created for you not just to implement new solutions and solve the problems faster but promote our Magento 2 Extensions and benefit from it.

Become an Affiliate Partner
commission you receive
30 days
time period the affiliate link remains active
minimum balance you need to have to request a payout
Easy Profit

The best thing about affiliate programs is the website whose affiliate program you have signed up for covers all. You do not need to get involved with the order creation or support. All you need to do is to promote great Magento 2 extensions that you already love and make others love them too.

Passive Income

Content is as solid as a rock and once you write it down, it will stand until you decide it is no longer needed. So, once you place the affiliate link or banner you will not need to update it regularly or to generate new personal links after some time. Our Affiliate Program ensures you benefit on a regular basis, generating a link one single time.

Regular Payouts

Placing affiliate links or banners on websites and Magento forums, by driving more people to our website you make our Affiliate Program your source of profit. We ensure you will receive payments to your bank account regularly on the condition you have a minimum $100 payout balance.


If you are good at marketing or you have recently discovered a talent of persuasion and believe that you could make the most of our Affiliate Program we are more than happy to encourage you. There are no limitations in the number of extensions you can promote or links you can place as long as you keep driving user attention to our Magento 2 Extensions.

Have any questions?

We are happy to answer all of them! Contact our customer service to learn more about Magefan Partnership and Loyalty Programs.